Body Systems

There is so much more to a massage than just pampering and relaxation.  

Here are some surprising benefits,

Improve your Well-Being  Did you know that ongoing stress is not only held in your mind but also manifests in your body as well?  This results in continued stress within major body systems from your nervous system, to your cardiovascular system (your heart), to your digestive system and your immune system that fights infections and diseases.  So, your ability to relax is vitally important to be able to shift your body’s balance from a sympathetic ‘Fight or Flight’ response to a parasympathetic response of resting.

Improve your Looks!  Your Integumentary system (your skin) is the first line of defense from the outside world.  A massage helps to improve the condition, texture and tone of your skin and helps it to repair, open its pores to eliminate waste and gets it exfoliated, moisturised and looking fabulous.  The surface of your skin has about 1.8 billion sensory nerves which love to feel nurtured and are stimulated through the touch of massage.  Skin stimulation helps to release higher levels of the happiness hormone oxytocin, making you also feel fabulous too.

Improve your Movement  Massage has a direct effect on your muscles, helping to remove lactic acid, which builds up in overworked or over exercised muscles, and toxins, helping to reduce fatigue and stiffness.  Regular massage therapy can also help your bones greatly, from improving stiff joints and reducing inflammation, to reducing stiffness and immobility around joints, where muscles have been massaged. 

Improve your Circulation  The impact of massage on your cardiovascular system (blood circulation) increases blood flow and giving oxygen supply.  As you know oxygen is crucial.  Every living cell in our body needs oxygen to function.  Therefore, helping the flow of oxygen supply throughout every cell in your body, increases your body’s effectiveness in carrying out an abundance of important cellular processes essential for cell repair and life.

Improves your Sleep  A massage lowers your respiratory rate and works on your diaphragm muscles to deepen and improve your breathing pattern and release tension held in your chest.  This is of great benefit to those of us who operate in high stress environments or find it difficult to relax.  Having a massage in the evening is particularly effective to prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

Improves your Immune System Your Lymphatic system (immune system) functions are to remove waste, produces antibodies to boost immunity and fight infection.  Massage supports this system by helping to mechanically move the flow of lymph around your body within this systems network of vessels.




















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