Pregnancy Massage


*Safe for Second Trimester (week 13) and onwards.* Please note I can not massage anyone in their First Trimester. 

Pregnancy massage is ideal for full relaxation and stress reduction, while helping to reduce muscular aches and pains during your pregnancy.   

Pregnancy massage aims to facilitate your body with the demands placed on it through your pregnancy, helping you to feel relaxed and cared for.  Pregnancy massage also helps to increased blood circulation which in turn helps oxygen and nutrients to move around your body more freely, therefore helping to reach your baby more effectively.  This helps with your babies overall health and development.  So, by relaxing with a pregnancy massage, you’re improving your baby’s growth too.

  • Helping to relieve muscle tension. 
  • Helping to de-stress your body and mind.
  • Helping to improves blood circulation.
  • Supporting your immune system.
  • Helping to improves sleep.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression.

Cancellation Policy 48 hours. 

Please arrive on time at the time of your booking.