Dual Massage (Dry Cupping / Deep Tissue) (Women only service)


Dual Massage consists of both Dry Cupping and Deep Tissue Massage in one treatment and is definitely not a relaxing spa massage.  Dry Cupping helps to manipulate and release tight muscle fibres using a reversed application of decompression / vacuum therapy as opposed to compression treatment used in Deep tissue massage. 

During your massage areas of tension will be located and silicone cups will be placed using vacuum pressure for a short period of time to help increase blood flow and promote healing.  Some stretches within this massage may also be applied where needed, so please bring a sports bra/vest top and shorts for your comfort.  

Dry Cupping is an ancient therapy with origins spread over many countries and closely associated with ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Arabic cultures.  Your ‘Dual Massage’ treatment has been adapted as a modern treatment, without the use of fire, or glass cups that are normally traditionally used with Dry Cupping. 

Ideal for focused work for helping to relieve aching and stiff neck and shoulders, upper and lower back and tight leg muscles. To help reduce pain levels from chronic contracted muscles.

  • Helping to decrease muscular pain and stiffness. 
  • Ideal for tight contracted muscles. 
  • Helping to improve motor control / sensory mapping. 
  • Increases flexibility of your joints.
  • Helping to improve posture. 
  • Helping to increase oxygen utilisation to constricted muscular areas. 

Please note Dry Cupping can potentially leave temporary circular red Cupping marks as part of the treatment process.

Cancellation Policy 48 hours.  

Please arrive on time at the time of your booking.