Bespoke Massage (Women only service)


Bespoke 60 Minute Massage (includes Aromatherapy Essential Oils)

*Please text me to arrange your phone consultation at least 48 hours prior to your massage.  This is needed in order for your treatment to be specifically designed for you prior to your massage.* (Note Essential oils are not suitable for breast feeding Mums and so will not be included). 

Your Bespoke Massage is a unique massage that combines Swedish, Aromatherapy and Sports/Deep tissue massage disciplines to create a treatment that is tailor made to your individual needs and preferences.  This massage is specifically designed for targeting problem areas of chronic pain and muscular tension, as well as stress management. 

As part of your treatment a standing assessment and range of movement of your joints will be performed at the beginning of your first Bespoke Massage.  This process along with skin testing of Essential oils will take approximately 30 mins, with the remaining 60 minutes allocated for your massage time. 

Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils within the massage oil itself to take advantage of the natural therapeutic properties occurring in these oils.  Essential oils are extracted from the flowers, bark, stems, leaves and roots of a plant and consist of powerful and aromatic chemical structures. Creating a blend of three essential oils specifically made for you.

  • Helping to relieve muscle tension and knots.
  • Helping to de-stress your body and mind.
  • Helping to improves blood circulation.
  • Supporting your immune system.
  • Helping to improves sleep.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression.
  • Increases flexibility of your joints.

Cancellation Policy 48 hours.

Please arrive on time at the time of your booking.